Tips To Make A Swallow Escort London Swallow Everything, And You Enjoy The Experience Much More.

Did you know that there are certain things that can make your semen irresistible for swallow escort London? Apart from the multiple benefits of semen, which is more than a good reason to swallow it all, it is good to keep in mind some tips that make the experience with one of our girls much better.

The main tip is that you should have very good hygiene. Your penis will be taken into a lady’s mouth, and this is an act that requires a lot of care from both parties. To make it more pleasurable, a good shower before seeing one of our ladies is always a good idea.

Diet is an interesting and especially important factor as it can affect the taste of semen. If you have booked your date in advance we recommend not eating fried food and avoiding asparagus, broccoli, or cabbage at all costs as they give a terrible taste to the semen. Instead, we recommend eating fruits and some spices, as they can make the taste sweeter and very pleasant to the palate. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water, as hydration is essential to eliminate toxins.

The idea when hiring a Swallow Escort London is that she swallows everything and does it with pleasure, but it is better than both she and you can enjoy the whole experience 110%.

Another thing you can keep in mind is to let our ladies know when you are going to cum. They are experts at reading expressions and will know when you are going to come, but you’re telling them you can help make everything much more efficient, as they will be able to put their deep throats to work and not let anything slip out.

These tips will definitely help your experience and that of your dream Swallow Escort London to be much better. Knowing that you have done your best to make your dream girl enjoy the experience, even more, will make you feel even better. Don’t hesitate to consider them if you want to have the most amazing blowjob and cum swallowing experience in town.